The Neber family is keeping bees with passion, without ifs or buts. First it was just a hobby for Anton Neber, which he kept doing in line with nature. In the following years the wish arose to intensify the beekeeping business.
2002 he took his master craftsman diploma for beekeeping at the Styrian school of Beekeeping and is since that working as a professional beekeeper with the Carnica bee race, which is native to Styria.
2007 the Neber family opened up their new store, the “honig-GENUSS-keller”, a place, where the manufacture and refining of honey takes place and can also be experienced , when booking a tour with samples of different honey and honey wines.
It’s very important for the Neber family to harvest pure and high quality honey, because these are the basic products for further refinement of the special honey.
A very wide range of different kinds of honey, refined honey and fruity honey wines, like the “Schilcher-Mead”, is the advertisement for the Neber family.
The list of honey reaches from the Styrian forest honey, or honey whipped with chopped pumpkin seeds up to acacia honey refined with coffee or wood berries.